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[2009.09.04] FAREWELL, BIG SILLY

Shing Fui On
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Danny Lee Sau Yin
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Danny Lee

Eric Tsang Chi Wai

Alan Tam Wing Lun

Nat Chan Pak Cheung

Law Kar Ying

Prudence Liew Mei Kwan

Flowers from Wan Chi Keung and Michelle (Mai Shuet)
Flowers from Miriam Yeung Chin Wa

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Artist Shing Fui On (Big Silly) passed away last week due to liver cancer. His family yesterday held a ceremony for him at a funeral home. The funeral will be a Catholic ceremony. Around 7PM his friend Eric Tsang Chi Wai talked about his life, with mass to be conducted at 7:30 PM. During the ceremony Big Silly's music video with a Mainland singer, GOOD BROTHER (HO HING DAI) and his life footage were shown. Chi Wai finally succumbed to tears. Big Silly's funeral will take place today at 8AM then the ceremony will head to Sai Kung for a 10:30 mass, following by the burial.

Yesterday before 3PM, Big Silly's friends and family including his brother Shing Fuk On already arrived at the funeral home. The family prohibited press coverage and set up screens at the door, with a dozen or so people standing guard outside. The media could only cover the event from across the street. Everywhere friends and family arrived someone opened an umbrella to block them from camera views. Photography however was permitted for artists. White flowers were the main decoration outside the door.,br>
Soon Danny Lee Sau Yin who was a part of the funeral planning committee and brought Big Silly into the business arrived. He expressed that since he knew Big Silly for so long of course he had to help. He also recorded some of Big Silly's footage for display. He said that he visited Big Silly several times at the hospital, at the last time Big Silly already could not speak. Did Big Silly pass at peace? He nodded and said that Big Silly was already prepared when he was hospitalized. As for Big Silly's mother still has not been notified, Brother Sau expressed that Mother Shing is already 90 something. Because Big Silly wanted to see his mother at home he got sick. If he remained at the hospital he would not have had high fever. Big Silly still was reluctant to leave his family. Big Silly's two wives and younger son also attended. He said, "Everyone misses Big Silly very much. I miss his silly and lovable ways the most. His looks didn't match his heart, which was filial and kind. My mood is already settled." Tsang Chi Wai arrived before 7PM and left after mass around 8:30 without saying a word. He later expressed over the phone that tomorrow no artist will attend the funeral and the family will be responsible for the funeral duties. As for rumors that Big Silly asked Chi Wai to take care of his orphans and raise 100,000. Chi Wai denied the matter because Big Silly already made arrangement in life. His financial situation was better than imagined.

Other guests included Ken Low Wai Kwong, Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Ken Ho Ka King, Prudence Liew Mei Kwan, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Chin Kar Lok, Law Kar Ying and Alex Fong Chung Shun. Wan Chi Keung and Michelle (Mai Shuet), Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Mr. and Mrs. Chow Yun Fat, the Performing Artist Guild, the Film Archive and Sai Kung Home Affairs officials all sent flowers. Ah Lek expressed that of course he was sad over his friend's departure, but in life birth, aging, sickness and death were certainties. He also said that Big Silly looked mean but brought a lot of joy to everyone. He never saw him get mad. Law Kar Ying said that everyone was very sad and missed Big Silly. His family was very peaceful. With so many friends to send Big Silly on his way, conceivably his family was very comforted.

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