Tuesday, September 8, 2009


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Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung, Wyman Wong Wai Man, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Stanley Kwan Kam Peng, Tang Chi Tat and Ken Chan Kai Tai two nights ago attended City Magazine's 33rd anniversary party.

Cheung Ka Fai expressed that earlier he attended the Huabiao award in the Mainland then spent a few days in Shanghai so he was unable to attend his friend Shing Fui On's funeral. However when Big Silly was at the hospital he went to pay a final visit. Reportedly Eric Tsang Chi Wai would raise fund for Big Silly. Ka Fai claimed that Chi Wai was the best choice for fund raising in show business. Sor Gor had a lot of friends in this business and everyone was willing to lend a hand. As for Big Silly's mother being unaware of his son's passing, he said, "This's inevitable. It also is a beautiful lie. Ultimately his mother is in old age and his younger son is very little."

Cheung Ka Fai revealed that his film RED RIVER earlier received Seoul's Chungmuro International Film Festival Best Picture award. When asked whether he regretted that he was unable to attend, he said, "No, I am already very happy that it won Best Picture. I can't say that whether Korea is lucky for me, I am already very happy that I won awards and encouragement."

Ka Fai said, reported his films RED RIVER and JING YUN (WITNESS) will participate in the Taiwan Golden Horse Award. Was he afraid that his votes will be split? He said that did not matter. When Ka Fai made RED he suffered from mental illness, was it worth it now? He said, "Actually my biggest regret that this film made a 2 hour version but finally only the 90 minute version was left. If the 2 hour version will be released, my confidence will be bigger." Ka Fai honestly said that he has another chance to make a similar film he will because he already has resistance to the illness.

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