Monday, September 21, 2009


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Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, Renee Dai Mung Mung, Melody Chan Yeuk Lan, Louise Wong Lo Yiu, Chow Pak Ho, Wong Ka Lok, JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun), Cecilia Ngan Hau Kwan, Lee Ting Ting, and Kwok Sze Lam yesterday attended the production start of the film NGOR YIU JO LAN MO (I WANT TO BE A YOUNG MODEL). Shek Chi has always been known to be sexy but yesterday she was more reserved. Will she have to be sexy in the film? She said, "I don't know yet, costume fitting is later." When asked whether Yumi Wan Chun Hei's absence was due to company suspension, Mung Mung and Chiu Shek Chi both said that they did not know as the company arranged the job.

Mung Mung, Shek Chi and Melody was asked whether they would follow company rules even more? They expressed that they have always followed the rules. Shek Chi even said that after her suspension she had even more jobs. She said that earlier during her cool down period, she learned from the paper that JJ did not know the reason for her suspension but still praised her as a very real girl. She said, "This incident already confirmed JJ's support. Earlier when I saw her I was very touched. So we will support Yumi the same way." JJ expressed that her comment that supported Chiu Shek Chi was just the truth because they have known each other for very long. As for sexy performance, she expressed probably not.

Earlier linked to Michael Tse Tin Wa in rumors, young model Wong Lo Yiu yesterday showed up in a strap dress. During photo opportunity the wind kicked up and caused a wardrobe malfunction. The company artist director jokingly told the reporters to hurry up and take pictures, and even asked Wong Lo Yiu to stand still for them. Although Wong Lo Yiu was embarrassed she remained still for the reporters. Finally she at least posed two to three times. Her promotional gimmick was unusual and stolen other actresses' thunder. Wong Lo Yiu expressed that earlier she worked on the film THE GLAMOUR OF YOUTH (MING MEI SI GUONG) so this will be her second film. The film described her as "special introduction", she honestly said that she had a lot of scenes. Will she have very sexy performance? She expressed that in one scene the girls will play a prank on her and her clothes will come off on the catwalk. She said, "You will find out when you see it. I won't need to show anything but it will be very sexy." Wong Lo Yiu learned from the paper that she was described a category III and erotic film star, but actually GLAMOUR is an art film that participated in international film festivals earlier. She honestly said that she had nude performance in the film but hoped that the audience does not focus on her figure. As for Tse Tin Wa, she explained that she and Tse Tin Wa are just a fan and an idol. Earlier she put the photo online, but as a fan why would she contact him. However she was sorry that this time affected his family. Did she feel that her gossip with Tse Tin Wa helped her get this role? She only said that the film negotiation began a long time ago.

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