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Based on Japanese manga creator Osamu Tezuka's classic work, the US$65 million animation ASTROBOY's "father and son" Dr. Tenma and Astroboy feature the voices of American and Japanese Best Actors, Oscar and Golden Globe Best Actor Nicolas Cage and two time Japanese Best Actor Koji Yakusho. Two time Golden Horse Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing agreed to provide his voice for the Hong Kong version, which made the investor comment, "Perfect combination".

Aaron provided his voice was the first time. He expressed, "Because this is famous Japanese manga creator Osamu Tezuka's household classic. After reading the entire script I realize that the film's father and son relationship is very detailed and touching. If I just started, I of course would like to play Astroboy the most; but this is a 13 year old character. So the voice of Astroboy will be the 12 year old Ian Ng King To. I hope to have a chance to watch the U.S. and Japan versions and experience different voice effects of different regions' Dr. Tenma. They should be interesting and I can absorb some experience as well. If at the global premiere I can exchange some voice work experience with the two Best Actors, that will be more than perfect!"

Aaron expressed that working with Ng King To again they had deeper chemistry. Aaron expressed, "I am very honored to be able to play Dr. Tenma along with U.s. and Japan Best Actors. They both are actors who I admire. As for Ian, after working with him in AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI) I actually feel that we have quite a father and son look. I believe that our 'father and son' team will again bring the audience a surprise pleasure!" Originally when Ian received the invitation, he was on vacation in Vancouver. With school starting soon he did not plan to participate. Later he learned that Aaron personally recommended him and after he saw the first draft of the animation he agreed.

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