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The cast of ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (SHUI YUET SUN TAU) including Simon Yam Tat wa, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Lee Chi Ting, Chung Siu To and Choi Wing Yan yesterday along with director Alex Law Kai Yui and producer Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting returned to the soon to be demolished location Wing Lei Street, central. They originally planned to distribute mooncake to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with the neighborhood in advance, but due to rain the neighborhood sent representatives to accept their good will. However child actor Chung Siu To still cut mooncakes for everyone on the spot. Playing a shoemaker in the film, Brother Wa personally made a red leather shoe for Kwan Yu, but due to the lack of time he only made one. The size and style of which were not to Kwan Yu's liking.

Rumored to be pregnant again, Kwan Yu yesterday appeared in a loose dress. Brother Wa kept touching her belly and congratulated her. Kwan Yu said that she would like it to be but her wish has not come true yet. Kwan Yu sat down and opened up her collar. Reporters reminded her to be careful with accidental exposure. She joked, "It's tied very tightly in there so there's no accident, but now without any accidental exposure or fighting it's hard to get the headline!" Kwan Yu had a wardrobe malfunction when she won Best Actress. Will she be willing if she will be able to win it again? Kwan Yu expressed that she will be willing and said that last time was just a close call.

Brother Wa not only personally made a shoe for Kwan Yu but also personally fit it for her. Unfortunately the size was incorrect and the style was not to her liking. Because he only had enough time to make one for Kwan Yu, Brother Wa immediately agreed to make a pair of high heels for her to attend the Golden Horse Awards in. Kwan Yu asked for peep toe and glittering gems. When Brother Wa personally put the shoe on her, Kwan Yu joked that she did not have the Cinderella and Prince Charming shoe fitting feel. Instead she felt very embarrassed to have someone she knew to touch her foot because her feet were very personal. She felt as though someone touched her chest. She also said, "In one scene Brother Wa had to give me a foot massage. Because the shoot took all day, not only was I getting touched but I also feared that my feet stank. Thus at the time I was so embarrassed that I felt like someone was touching my chest!" Was Brother Wa worried about Peter Chan Ho Sun coming after him? He joked, "Kwan Yu in the film is a great wife and mother who is very able to win over seniors. Seniors should like her too! (How did her feet feel?) Incredible. At first I thought she was a farmer, but actually her skin was soft and pretty. I truly wanted to become a foot massage shop owner!"

After years in film, Kwan Yu honestly said that people touched her chest many times. Just in GOLDEN CHICKEN, in which she played a prostitute, many extras have touched her. They included the young, the old and the mentally deficient. Some were cut from the released version. At the time she added padding. She said, "My feet didn't have padding and could truly be in contact. Thus it really was more embarrassing than people touching the chest."

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