Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Carlos Chan Ka Lok
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Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Michelle Wai (Si Nga) yesterday promoted their film HAPPILY EVER AFTER as they sold popcorn to fans.

Hung Cheuk Lap expressed that he once worked at an appliance chain store, but after a few days because he could not remember the appliance names he was fired. Ken said after joining the industry he attended the company's spring banquet and ran into the manager who fired him. He even asked him for pictures, which was somewhat awkward. Chan Ka Lok worked in fast food service but was discriminated against. Was it because he was too handsome? He said, "No, because I was the only guy at the cash machine. I looked sloppy before unlike now." Si Nga expressed that while in school she also wanted to sell popcorn and even skipped school to apply for the job, but she was not hired. Why did she want to sell popcorn? She said, "Becaus I really like to eat it." Yesterday Si Nga could not stop eating popcorn but got it all over the table. Si Nga expressed that she sold diamond before and had some knowledge. Because she had too much contact with it now she was numb to it.

Si Nga said, earlier she went to the cinema to observe audience response. She said that the movie held the audience's attention, which made her very happy. Si Nga earlier worked with Zhou Xun on the film YIT LAT LAT (HOT). She expressed after working with Mainland actors she realized that her putonghua pronunciation was not too fluent. The film also starred Angelababy who appeared without any make up. She said that she appeared in heavy make up in the film because she played a model. Baby played a factory girl.

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