Saturday, September 5, 2009


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The Yonfan directed PRINCE OF TEARS two days ago held a press conference at the Venice Film Festival. He brought actors Fan Jik Wai, Joseph Chang Hau Chuen, Terri Kwan Wing, Oceana Zhu Xuan, Jack Kao, Kenneth Tsang Kong and Lisa Chiao Chiao for the appearance. Yonfan said that the film's inspiration came from his Taiwan childhood memories, but stressed that he did not make this film to "bring back history". He only wanted to make his childhood memories, some of which were real and some were mixed with some imagination because he was only a film professional and not a history writing scholar. Kwan Wing and Zhu Xuan both used their second languages English and French to answer reporter questions and left deep impression with the media.

Around 10PM, Yonfan again led the cast to the premiere. They walked the red carpet in four groups, Fan Jik Wai and Chang Hau Chuen were dressed in their film costumes. They expressed that the director made every one of the entire film's costumes, from material to design they were all based on real military uniforms at the time. Kwan Wing wore a gown with a Chinese dress collar with a black fan that she bought on the streets of Venice a few days before; Zhu Xuan wore a new style red Chinese dress.

The event chair personally welcomed the team at the end of the red carpet while jury chair Ang Lee entered in a low profile. After the screening the audience applauded for nearly five minutes. Yonfan was teary eyed. Kwan Wing, Zhu Xuan and Chiao Chiao were moved to tears. The entire team stood up to accept the chair and the entire audience's applause and cheer. Later around midnight they went to a nearby pizza shop for a private celebration.

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