Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Gigi Leung Wing kei
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Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Gigi Leung Wing Kei and Mary Cheung yesterday attended a World Vision event and shared their earlier visits to poverty stricken countries like Ethiopia and Cambodia. Sammi will perform a concert series at the end of the year. Reportedly because she will only perform gospel songs and had friction with boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok. Sammi expressed that this report was without basis. Her concert will be loyal to past format and she will keep her religion and her career separate.

Sammi admitted that in coordination with the concert later she will release a gospel record and new book. She pointed out that two years ago the company already wanted to release a gospel record. She also thanked the boss for supporting her despite their different religions. She said that her relationship with the boss could not be better. Originally Sammi was to work with Andy Lau Tak Wa on the upcoming Lunar New Year film. Sammi explained that Wa Jai's marriage did not postpone the project. Mainly she wanted to concentrate on her concert and turned down the film. She would like to work with Wa Jai again next year.

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