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Tony Leung Chiu Wai earlier while training for the upcoming Wong Kar Wai new film production GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) injured his left hand. After two months his injury has gradually recovered. Earlier he returned to his martial art and physical training. Even Wing Tsun Master Leung Siu Hung who was responsible for training Wai Jing praised Wai Jai's ability to learn is very high. With his agility he will be able to start the production at any time.

He just returned to training, but Wai Jai earlier looked great and was agile when he practiced in front of the master and fellow students. He said, "Although during the injury I had to stop training, but I didn't give up on exercising or relax. I know kung fu can never have enough training, I didn't want to stop due to an injury. At least I maintained suitable amount of exercise. I too wanted to pick it back up sooner. Actually when I first practiced again I had some fear. Now when I practice I wear protective pad on the arm. Although it still hurts a little, the pain is already reduced to its lowest. Ultimately the protection is limited. I was lucky with this injury though because the injured area wasn't a hard to heal spot. I can make GRAND MASTER on time."

Wai Jai described the two month break as a long vacation. Although the doctor urged him to stop extraneous exercises and to rest for at least three months before complete recovery, he did not relax at all. After several weeks of rest he began to do some appropriate exercises to train his arm and leg muscles and agility. He also ran for one to two hours. To avoid contact with the injured area, Wai Jai ran with his arm tied up and fists clinched. A lot of times when Wai Jai ran on the streets, people asked him about his injury and told him to be careful. Everyone's concern and support greatly comforted him.

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