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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum), Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Terence Chang Ka Chun produced romantic comedy MY FAIR GENTLEMAN yesterday afternoon held a Beijing press conference and attracted nearly 100 media outlet members. Aside from the three producers, director Peter Lee Juyuan along with leads Sun Honglei, Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lui) and special guest star Yuan Xinyu in attendance.

In the film Lam Hei Lui played a public relations manager who transforms a rich country bumpkin Sun Honglei into a well mannered gentleman. Ng Yu Sum pointed out that currently women's power was on the rise, so the role reversal was not a problem. He said that at home he respected his wife very much. His daughters were always managing him as well, prohibiting him from smoking, drinking and urging him not to throw a tantrum on the set. Was he a gentleman? Ng Yu Sum joked that he could not be considered one as he only pretended to be one. He felt that a gentleman should always put the lady first and always be humble and polite.

In the film Lam Hei Lui was called the "white bone fairy". She joked that "white bone fairy" referred to white collar, structured and elite. However, when she first heard this term she too had no clue. Sun Honglei was very glad to be able to make a romantic comedy. He had so much fun that he would like to make a sequel. Sun Honglei not long ago received a excellent actor award and just completed Zhang Yimou's new film. Lately Chen Kaige and Ng Yu Sum both were rumored to be interested in working with him, as he became several big directors' target. He pointed out that the directors have shown a lot of love perhaps because he was more hard working. Ng Yu Sum earlier expressed that he would like to bring him to Hollywood. Sun Honglei expressed that he was not too interested. He felt that good script and character were the most important. Speaking English was only a tool.

In addition, Ng Yu Sum earlier met with the Beijing press and talked about the second round casting of the martial art epic GIM YU GONG WU, which he will produce and chief direct with Su Chao-pin as executive director. Aside from Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo-Sung, Lam Hei Lui and Wong He, Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon), Shawn Yue Man Lok and Wang Xueqi also joined the cast. The film's production budget reached an estimate of US$11.5 million. Ng Yu Sum pointed out that GIM will be a highly entertaining but also innovative martial art film. Director Su Chao-pin pointed out that Yeung Chi King in the film will play a strong female killer in retirement. She runs into the Jung Woo Sung played simple and optimistic man. After they wed they long for an ordinary life but her colleagues refuse to let her go. Big S is cast because her acting has improved a lot. She is smart and also has the rare innocent yet sexy quality among Taiwan actresses. He has met with Yeung Chi King and Jung Woo Sung. Jung Woo Sung will deliver Chinese dialogues in the entire film. His Chinese is great and he asked not to be dubbed. When asked whether Yeung Chi King and Jung Woo Sung will have bed scenes, Su Chao-pin expressed that if so he might turn the lights down a little.

Ng Yu Sum's daughter Angeles Woo Fei Ha was rumored to take part as well. Ng Yu Sum pointed out that his daughter actually was more interested in behind the scene work. Her future goal was directing, but if the chance arose she would be an actor first. Then she will be able to understand what the actors will be thinking when she will direct. Ng Yu Sum's wife pointed out that she will not stop their daughter from joining the business, but she also will not encourage her. Their daughter's happiness is the most important.

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