Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Kenneth Tsang Kong
Elaine Lok Yi Ling
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courtesy of
The 2008 Miss Chinese International Oceana Zhu Xuan starred film PRINCE OF TEARS (LUI WONG JI) was invited to compete at the Venice Film Festival. Two days ago she and her company executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling, director Yonfan, veterans Kenneth Tsang Kong and Lisa Chiao Chiao (Jiu Gau) headed to Venice. Ms. Lok even personally accompanied her to cheer on her debut. Skye Chan Sin Yeung, Kayi Cheung, Sarah Song Hei Nin and Sherry Chan Song brought flowers and cards for her. Yonfan gave Zhu Xuan a big red pocket to wish her success.

Zhu Xuan expressed that she was able to play the lead in her first movie and attend an international event thanks to Ms. Lok, who introduced her to director Yonfan. Yonfan even asked Blanc de Chine to tailor a Chinese dress for her. She will stay for two weeks. Zhu Xuan was not nervous and attend as if she was on holiday. Yonfan was very honored that his film was in competition. Upon arriving, he will promote the film with two leads from Taiwan, Joseph Chang Hau Cheun and Fan Jik Wai.

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