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Louis Koo Tin Lok and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) got together for a movie. Their new film ACCIDENT (YI OI) took over a year and a half to make, which both agreed was long and tough! Yet when they saw the movie's birth and received praise, it was worth the hard work.

Goo Jai and Siu Chai worked together for 17 months on ACCIDENT, but when they saw the completed version in the cinema they felt their effort did not go to waste. They only wanted to make a good movie. Goo Jai said, "Just waiting for production to start I already waited half a year. I thought I didn't need to mind the time because spending time to make a good story was a good thing. The production was difficult, but after completion it was forgotten. I am very satisfied with it." Siu Chai continued, "Hong Kong film is known for being fast, pretty and great. I thought in order to make a good movie, the excessive budget should be supported. Although the film production was long, it was an experience that made me grow."

Siu Chai honestly said that for his character he put on a disguise to observe life in a shopping center and the busy city. "Hong Kong people's pace is fast and hurried. To know how to play an ordinary person, first I have to be certain of identity and occupation, fashion and life attitude. I also dressed down and walked around the shopping center. I saw many people liked to talk on the phone or send text messages while they talked, all were very everyday life. I too want to become an ordinary person, but I have to adjust first. Unfortunately when I want to mail a letter I don't even know where the post office is!" In the film Goo Jai had an eavesdropping scene, which was somewhat similar to his OVERHEARD (SIT TING FUNG WON) character. He said, "The movies are of different genres. The only similarity is both wear headphones. Everything else is completely different."

Speaking of bed scenes for both Goo Jai and Siu Chai, Siu Chai pointed out that at first it puzzled him. Later he realized that it was to make a reminisced relationship stand out and accepted this scene. Siu Chai said, "I too asked the director (Soi Cheang) why the film had bed scenes. I learned that this scene was to make Goo Jai's reminiscence of his late wife stand out, from the sounds of eavesdropping he remembered his past and made he feel the pain in his heart. This I can still accept." Goo Jai said that while making ACCIDENT he ran into several typhoons, while shooting a bus crash scene in the rain he was electrocuted due to a electricity leak. Luckily the film was finally completed.

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