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In the espionage film THE MESSAGE, the Japanese military special agent chief Huang Xiaoming abused suspected spy Li Bingbing. She also performed her first nude scene. In the film, Huang Xiaoming conducted cruel and highly demeaning abuses. He demanded Li Bingbing to strip naked in front of him for anatomy study purpose. Under the order of the directors he had to touch every inch of her skin. Huang Xiaoming had to measure every part of Li Bingbing, including organ features and limp sizes to thoroughly abuse her.

Huang Xiaoming said, during the shoot when Li Bingbing undressed in front of him, he felt rather embarrassed. When he reached for Bingbing's body his face was red; Bingbing told him go head, otherwise the scene would not be done even after three days. Li Bingbing expressed that her first nude scene without a double was a big challenge. The directors asked her to personally perform as they feared a double would not be able to achieve the realistic effect.

Before the shoot, Li Bingbing worried and could only make herself ready mentally. During the shoot she forgot about herself and the feeling was more torturous and hard to take than the rape scene.

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