Sunday, September 27, 2009


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THE MESSAGE team recently flew to Beijing, Shanghai and other locations for premieres and met with the audience at the Beijing Film Academy. Beijing Film Academy graduates Huang Xiaoming and Wang Zhiwen brought their new film to their alma mater, which was quite peculiar. Huang Xiaoming's teacher also came to the premiere and after the screening said THE MESSAGE was Huang Xiaoming's elegant transformation, praising him on his "eye technique".

Huang Xiaoming in THE MESSAGE played the unpredictable Takeda. He did not have many lines and completely relied on his eyes to act. His outstanding performance drastically changed the audience's opinion of his acting. Beijing Film Academy profession Zheng Dongtian after a screening publicly reviewed Huang Xiaoming's performance. He said that in the film he expressed a sense of strangeness between him and the character, which was the most valuable.

In the film the Huang Xiaoming played Takeda conducted a strip search of the Li Bingbing played Li Ningyu. It was Li Bingbing's first nude performance. Yet Li Bingbing revealed that in the film she actually saw Huang Xiaoming in the buff and that he "showed more than me". She praised his figure and Huang Xiaoming returned the favor with "you too". The audience cracked up. Huang Xiaoming revealed that during the performance he buried a subtext of "Takeda liked Li Ningyu", thus they had a "nude" performance that provided fantasy to the audience. Yet finally the director gave up this method of expression and Huang Xiaoming's scene was finally cut.

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