Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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French trendy accessory brand Agatha 35th anniversary tour yesterday stopped in Hong Kong. Guests included Janice Man Wing Shan. Janice revealed that in the middle of the month she will work with Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) on a new film. She would like to be able to get a little fatter and train herself wider up top. She said, "I kept my weight at 100 pound, but lately I lost around five pounds. I hoped to be able to return to my original weight. (Did Lai Ming ask you to gain weight?) No, I just want to look prettier." What role will she play? She only said that no matter the character, the personality and the era she had no contact with at all. As for daring scenes, she said, "What the character does is very daring, but since the company arranged it for me, I believe I can handle it." She said that now she and Wai Lan have begun to go over the script and research their characters. Will she ask Lai Ming for acting advice? She said that she will ask everyone and do her own homework as well. As for Chrissie Chau Sau Na's film industry entry, was she worried about comparison? She said, "Everyone has her own way, more new faces are good. (Would you mind working with her?) I would do whatever the company arranged for me. (Do you have your own idea?) The company and I have an understanding. The company knows my bottom line. As a model I never took swimwear show or swimwear appearance because my family and I are not mentally prepared. The company is very certain about that."

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