Sunday, September 27, 2009


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After the Yonfan directed PRINCE OF TEARS was announced to represent Hong Kong in next year's Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination competition, the Chen Kaige directed, Leon Lai Ming and Zhang Ziyi starred FOREVER ENTHRALLED was also confirmed to represent China. The Taiwan representative will be the Leon Dai Liren directed NO PUEDO VIVIR SIN TI.

According to Mainland media reports, the China film bureau already confirmed FOREVER ENTHRALLED. Producer Chen Hong expressed, "FOREVER ENTHRALLED's selection to be considered for Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination was quite a honor for us, but we will maintain a peaceful mindframe."

Currently the film's application has already been sent to Los Angeles. This will be Chen Kaige's third try for an Oscar nomination after FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE and THE PROMISE.

China Film Group's Fan Jianghua expressed that if the news came from the film bureau then it must be truly, but China Film Gorup so far has not received any notice. FOREVER ENTHRALLED's promotional director Huang Pin said that he just received the news. "I only found out this morning. Currently director Chen Kaige is planning a new film and cannot be contacted."

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