Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[2009.09.03] CONFUCIUS WRAPS

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The film CONFUCIUS after over four months in production finally wrapped yesterday and held a press conference. Executive producer Liu Rong, director Hu Mei, photography director Peter Pau Tak Fun, Chen Han, He Yanjiang, actors Chow Yun Fat and Zhou Xun all appeared. Fat Gor has always been humorous. Yesterday he expressed after playing Confucius for three months he was truly bored to death. He even claimed that he actually did not understand Confucius and believed that this time they got the wrong guy.

The host joked that his co-workers felt that he resembled Confucius. Fat Gor joked, "That was the contract. After I signed it I dress up like Confucius, so when I got to the set I had to bow......" The crowd cracked up. Fat Gor honestly said that many people understood Confucius more than him so over these few months he felt like a fraud. In life he had to find Confucius' feeling, which truly felt very stressful.

Fat Gor said that actually two years ago someone already offered him the role of Confucius, but he did not want to play characters with halos. This time he realized that his character began at the age of 53 and he thought he could play it. The film's Nanzi, Zhou Xun, was very excited to be able to work with her idol Fat Gor. He said that Fat Gor was extremely accurate with his marks, even his head position would not have any difference. She often studied Fat Gor's acting on the set.

Yesterday the first trailer was officially announced. Currently the team is working on another trailer, in which grand scenes will appear. The film is scheduled for a spring release next year.

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