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In THE MESSAGE, Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing and Zhang Hanyu were trapped within Huang Xiaoming's seaside castle and suffered his torture. One scene had to express Li Bingbing's disillusionment with her sitting on top of the tower, drinking and smoking. Li Bingbing said because Huang Xiaoming earlier abused her and she was full of hatred for him. She almost wanted to push him down a cliff.

This outdoor banquet was set on a cliff in Dali. Thousands feet below were crashing waves so the crew was extra careful. During the shoot the temperature was only five degrees Celsius, with the strong wind by the sea the cast had to withstand the piercing chill. The team even bought insurance for the actors and build extra fences to avoid any cliff side accident. Yet from the shoot, Zhou Xun still felt that she needed appropriate relaxed mentality. "I don't remember who suggested to us that we should use strange voices during rehearsal to relax a little." Huang Xiaoming also had his method of relaxation -- photography. He was very interested in photography. Since he and Zhou Xun were already familiar with THE BANQUET, on the set he asked her to be his model. They even flirted a little and brought a little entertainment to everyone.

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