Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Nicholas Tse Ting Fung has always risked his life in action films. Two nights ago he worked on his new film YIT LAT LAT at Central. He performed a motorcycle scene that was not considered dangerous as he only worked on the close up shot. Unfortunately the stunt double had an accident and Ting Fung looked very intense!

Ting Fung's new film had famous Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) as the film director. Always willing to take risks, he perhaps due to order from his wife or a lack of motorcycle license two nights ago left the action to the double.

Around 11PM the scene in which Ting Fung rode a motorcycle downhill was shot. Before the shoot, Ting Fung and the director kept talking about the details. Yet during the official shoot, Ting Fung did not personally perform except for some close up shots without danger. Perhaps because he was worried that Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi would worry about him or that he did not have a motorcycle license, he had to use a double.

On the street near the market the road was wet and increased the danger of the motorcycle scene. Unfortunately a female motorcycle rider during a test stunt flipped over. The crew immediately treated the wound of the female stunt professional as she kept screaming "It hurts". Ting Fung who was sitting next to the director was very intense when he saw the accident through the camera and immediately stood up to observe her injury. Luckily Ting Fung avoided the accident with a double.

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