Saturday, September 12, 2009


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The Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) and Cherrie In Choi Yi starred KUNG FU KITCHEN (GONG FU CHU SUN) was released days ago. Big Brother in the film played a village chief who excels in cooking. When he falls into a trap that his nephew Cho (Louis Fan Siu Wong) set, he not only loses his village chief job but also is thrown out of the village. Later by chance he becomes the chief cook at Shum Ching (In Choi Yi)'s restaurant and thus meets Kin Yat (Ng Kin Ho) and Shum Ying (Ai Kago). He in turns makes them his disciples to challenge Cho's restaurant chef Fat Chung for the Kitchen God title.

Big Brother expressed that in as early as 2005 producer Yeung Pan Pan already showed him the story. At the time he liked it very much not only because he was able to work with new director Yip Wing Kin and action director Yuen Cheung Yan and Yuen Shun Yi, but also show off his abilities in martial art and cooking. Thus he was more than happy to do it. Yet he waited for three full years before the production officially started last year. The shoot was very pleasant. Not only nothing was missed during the production, his fight scenes with Tony Leung Siu Lung and Fan Siu Wong were also his most satisfied ones in recent years. Thus it was worth the three year long wait. He hoped that the original team will be able to make a sequel.

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