Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Vicki Zhao Wei, Jingle Ma Chor Sing
courtesy of takungpao.com

Starlight International and Jingle Ma Chor Sing workshop held a press conference yesterday in Beijing, as the famous Hong Kong director Ma Chor Sing officially signs with Starlight International.

Ma Chor Sing expressed joy when talking about establishing a workshop in Beijing. Starlight International gave him a feeling of "home" and sentimentality. He said, "I didn't have an idea of the motherland before. Since the Hong Kong Hand over, I slowly got the idea of country. At the same time, I never thought about buying a home in Beijing and staying for the long run. Now I have the idea. I feel Beijing is a great and friendly city. I started to plan for buying a home in Beijing." Currently Ma Chor Sing is planning his new film SUN BUT MA LEUNG (GODLY PEN MA LIANG).

Vicki Zhao Wei also made a surprise appearance and presented flowers to Ma Chor Sing to congratulate him. Ma Chor Sing was very glad to see Zhao Wei. Ma Chor Sing even gave Zhao Wei a kiss, after which Zhao Wei said, "Here comes more rumors!" Ma Chor Sing laughed. "This is manufactured rumor!" When the host asked whether she will star in HUA MULAN 2, Zhao Wei said, "Probably!" Ma Chor Sing said, "Definitely!"

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