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Best Actress: Vicki Zhao (DEAREST)
Best Director: Peter Chan
Best Film Song: Jackie Chan
Best Supporting Actor: Adrien Brody
Shawn Yue, Karen Mok, Andrew Lau
Lisa Lu, Mei Baojiu
Ge You
THE FOUR's Jiang Yiyan wins Best Supporting Actress
Jacky Cai, Anita Chui
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Vicki Zhao wins Best Actress again
Ge You and Albert Yeung
Emperor wins Best Film Production Company
Ge You jokes that since the achievement award does not have the word "Lifetime" he has the motivation to perform better.
Adrien Brody has liked Chinese film since he was little and is glad to participate
Mark Chao sends his acceptance speech from the hospital due to an injury
Jackie Chan performs his award winning song
Christie Chen kisses her award
Anita Chui
Irene Wan
Carlos Chan, Michelle Wai
Fiona Sit
Lisa Lu receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from Mei 
Hosts Yanni Huang and Mickey Huang poke fun at Fan Bingbing and Li Chen's romantic announcement meme
Christie Chen
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The 16th Huading awards took place last night in Kowloon Bay. Jackie Chan, Oscar Best Actor Adrien Brody, Vicki Zhao Wei, Peter Chan Ho Sun, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Karen Mok Man Wai and Irene Wan Bik Ha appeared on the red carpet.

Jackie Chan and Adrien Brody appeared together. Jackie Chan even taught Adrien Brody to say "how are you" in Cantonese. Then they greeted the audience.

Jackie Chan's film theme song was nominated for China's Best Film Song. He said that this song was full of positive energy, he did not sing it very well. Adrien Brody said that he hoped to be able to make a film that mixed the East with the West, now the most important is coming up with a Chinese title. he said that he was very happy to be in Hong Kong. Yesterday he got up at six and went sightseeing with friends.

Zhao Wei earlier with the film DEAREST won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. Yesterday she and Chan Ho Sun were nominated for China Best Actress and China Best Director. They walked the red carpet together.

Fiona would present Best Supporting Actor with Shawn Yue Man Lok. She said about her low cut dress, "I have already taken all the precaution and used a roll of tape. Even if I tell you you might not believe it."

Fiona revealed that lately she has been busy with her Cantonese song recording, but earlier due to vocal cord exhaustion her doctor told her to rest for three months. In July she will have to work on a series in Taiwan, so she could only rely on acupuncture therapy. She hoped that she would speed up her recording. Irene almost tripped on her way up the stage. Last night she presented Best Animation Award. She revealed that lately she has been busy with her film LOVE IN LATE AUTUMN (OI JOI SUM CHAU)'s post production and music score; she would take her son to visit family in the U.S. during the summer. Because he could see his grandparents and play with his cousins, he really liked to go to the U.S.

Fifteen awards were presented last night. Mainland Best Actor Ge You won the "China Film Achievement Award". When asked about the highs and lows on his road to success, he said, "I certainly have had failures but I don't want to talk about them. (Your favorite character?) They are all decent. (Your most hated character?) I can't say." When asked if he had any word of encouragement for the new comers, Ge You humbly said that he was still working at it. "Whenever I take a film role I am a new comer, luckily this award doesn't have the word 'lifetime'. If it does I wouldn't dare to accept it, only without 'lifetime' do I have the motivation to reach for even greater achievement." He and Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing yielded to each other on the red carpet. Finally Mr. Yeung graciously gave up for the center position to Ge You during their photo opportunity.

Mainland star Vicki Zhao Wei defeated Gao Yuanyuan, Gong Li, Tang Wei and Ni Ni to win Best Actress again with DEAREST. Zhao Wei accepted the award from Leon Lai Ming and said that whenever she saw Chan Ho Sun and Lai Ming she would be reminded of COMRADES ALMOST A LOVE STORY (TIM MUK MUK). As for their rumored dispute, Zhao Wei joked that they indeed argued. She said about her victory, "Thank you Chan Ho Sun for his daring idea, I also want to thank the screen writers. I am very happy to have the chance to play a real life female protagonist." Chan Ho Sun also with DEAREST won China Best Director and China Best Picture.

Although Gao Yuanyuan did not win Best Actress, her husband and Taiwan star Mark Chao beat out elders Zhang Hanyu, Liao Fan, Huang Bo and Chen Daoming to win Best Actor. Unfortunately he was absent due to an injury, but he sent a video from the hospital. "I am very sorry that I can come due to a film injury. I hope everyone would understand. If I have another chance to win, I will be able to accept in good health." As for China Best Film Production Company, Emperor Motion Pictures took home the honor.

Martial art star Jackie Chan with his DRAGON BLADE theme song won China Best Film Song and even performed it. His co-star Adrien Brody won Best Supporting Actor. Jackie Chan did not take all the credit for the award himself. "The song isn't sung well, but it can bring positive energy. For this year everyone suffered a lot." Adrien Brody after winning the award kissed Jackie Chan in the audience and said in Putonghua on the stage, "I am very honored to be here." Growing up in the U.S. he said that he liked Chinese films very much since he was little. Jackie Chan was his super hero. He thanked him and the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association for teaching him kung fu.

Mainland star Jiang Yiyan won Best Supporting Actress. "For the first time I played a villain I played it in three movies. It was quite a challenge. My friend thought that my eyes have turned villain like as well!" Guest presenter Sit Hoi Kei was asked about her friend Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming). She said, "As a close friend, I have to keep a lot of secrets for him. (Will you make a comeback?) I am not saying any more! If he has any work he will personally talk about it. I am waiting too. (Has he agreed to write a song for you?) No, I am still waiting, I have been waiting for ten years." Guest performer Karen Mok Man Wai said that she wanted to take the chance to invite friends to watch her show, and to invite Jackie Chan to be her guest and sing with him. She also said that her husband baked her a cake for her birthday.

Veteran actress Lisa Lu Yan last night received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Artists like Jackie Chan and Vicki Zhao Wei gave her a standing ovation. Lu Yan admitted that she was emotional. "There is a Chinese saying that says, 'Gold cup and silver cup are no match for the people's word of mouth'. I am very happy to receive this word of mouth award, after which while promoting Chinese culture I can't forget everyone's effort. I hope to be able to march on with everyone." She also thanked Sir Run Run Shaw for hiring her to perform, otherwise she would not be on the stage today. One of the guest presenters was the Beijing Opera master Mei Baojiu, who revealed when Lu Yan was young his father Mei Lanfeng rehearsed with her. He also praised Lu Yan for promoting Beijing Opera with English to the American audience and a top notch actress without rival.

When Mainland actress Fan Bingbing and Li Chen earlier announced their relationship online, artists followed their "us" meme photos. When Huading award hosts Mickey Huang and Yanni Huang last night mentioned the influence of actors, they too took part as they took out a mobile phone for a selfie and said, "Us!" The audience roared with laughter.

Mainland actress Christie Chen (Si Xuan) with the Emperor film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) received Best New Performer. During her backstage interview with the media, reporters had some friction over position issues and she had to turn back after appearing. After a round of mediation she thanked her management company Emperor and Mr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing. "This is my first award, I have learned a lot over the years from working hard on the way. (Your goal?) To play my next film role even better. (Do you have anyone you would like to work with?) I hope to be able to work with (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi."

THE 16TH HUADING AWARD WINNERS China Film Achievement Award: Ge You
Best Picture: DEAREST
Best Director: Peter Chan Ho Sun (DEAREST)
Best Screenplay: Li Han, Liu Han (FLEET OF TIME)
Best Actress: Vicki Zhao Wei (DEAREST)
Best Supporting Actor: Adrien Brody (DRAGON BLADE)
Best Supporting Actress: Jiang Yiyan (THE FOUR 3)
Best New Director: Lu Yang (BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES)
Best New Performer: Christie Chen (KUNG FU JUNGLE)
Best Film Song: DRAGON BLADE (Jackie Chan)
Best Animation: MCDULL: ME AND MY MUM
Best Action Direction: Jackie Chan Stuntman Association (DRAGON BLADE)
Best Film Production Company: Emperor Motion Pictures
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lisa Lu Yan

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