Tuesday, June 9, 2015


courtesy of on.cc

Veteran actress Petrina Fung Bo Bo two nights ago attended her film WONDER MAMA (MA MI HUP)'s audience appreciation event. Over 20 fans waited for her autographs and photos and she turned no one away. Sister Bo Bo revealed that her friends and fans booked the show. Fans did not want her to retire. She said that she would not retire, but she might not only focus on making movies. "Because I am a fire kirin, I have bugs all over. I want to do other stuff too." She revealed that later she will work in Singapore. Next month she will work on Johnnie To Kei Fung's new film. In September she will rehearse for Cantonese opera.

Sister Bo Bo also was interested in publishing an autobiography. "Because I have to check a lot of facts, I won't start writing until next year. (Will you write it personally?) Yes, I won't leave this in the hands of others. Although as a child star I didn't go to school, later when I was in Malaysia I studied with a female editor for half a year. I am confident!"

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