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Li Chen's new flame Fan Bingbing and old flame Zhang Xinyu appear at the same event

Aaron kwok walks the red carpet with a child in his costume from THE MONK
Lynn Xiong says that she has not run into old flame Aaron Kwok
Ruby Lin
Mini Yang gets back into shape after giving birth
Lee Sinjie serves on the jury and takes the chance to visit Shanghai with her husband Oxide Pang
Song Seung-Hun

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Fan Bingbing
Zhang Xinyu
Wu Chun (left) and Leon Lai (right) play security for Fan Bingbing 
Lee Sinjin
Oxide Pang
Soi Cheang, Simon Yam, Paco Wong, Tony Jaa, Max Zhang
Liu Yan
Zhang Zilin
Fan Bingbing crowns herself at the LADY OF THE DYNASTY afternoon press conference
Mike Tyson, Donnie Yen
Karena Ng, Lynn Xiong
Mini Yang and Jackie Chan talk about providing their voices to KUNG FU PANDA 3
Mini Yang
Tong Dawei and Zhou Dongyu promote their new film LOST IN WHITE
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The 18th Shanghai International Film Festival last night opened at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, where the opening film, the Derek Yee Tung Sing directed I AM SOMEBODY, was shown.

Around noon, fans who longed for a glimpse of the stars gradually gathered outside the theater. The overseas media also appeared for the best spot for pictures. Perhaps because the film festival ran into rain every time, this year's red carpet was covered for the first time.

Around 6PM, the red carpet ceremony officially began. The I AM SOMEBODY team appeared first. Then the Golden Goblet Award jury, the Asian New Talent award jury, and several dozen filmmakers dressed up for the red carpet. Several productions like LADY OF THE DYNASTY, IP MAN 3, UNDER THE SICILY SUN and others appeared in group.

Before the red carpet Korean stars were rumored to be absent due to MERS, but the red carpet always gave fans surprises. When Song Seung-Hun appeared, shrieks arose as fans were almost in a frenzy.

Reportedly this year the Shanghai Film Festival received 2096 films from 108 nations and regions, again setting a new record. Among the 14 films in competition for the Golden Goblet, Russian master Nikita Mikhalkov's new film SUNSTROKE and famous Korean director Kang Je-Gyu's new film SALUT D'AMOUR all caught attention. Films like IRON FISTS, THE DEAD END, LOVE IN THE 1980S will have global premieres at the film festival. Among the 14 films in competition, 3 were Chinese films like WHERE THE WIND SETTLES, THE DEAD ED and LOVE IN THE 1980S.

Also, for the 110th anniversary of the birth of Chinese films and the 120th anniversary of the birth of world films, the committee even organized a salute to the masters. Classic films from Jean-Luc Godard, Ken Takakura, Anna May Wong and Xia Meng will be screened during the film festival.

Fan Bingbing, Wu Chun and Leon Lai Ming promoted their new film LADY OF THE DYNASTY in the afternoon. She said that she did not want to talk about her personal life while promoting the life but still talked about her view on love. "Love is sacrificing your own life for him!" Bingbing in the new film played Yang Guifei. Having played Wu Zetian in a television series she said, "I hope next time I will also play such an influential woman. I am writing a script now, but I can't reveal too much." As for Lai Ming he also talked about his view on love. "I would never share it with you, I would only give in the film."

International superstar Jackie Chan, Mainland star Mini Yang Mi yesterday attended the KUNG FU PANDA 3 Shanghai press conference. Jackie Chan said that he was the only actor who provided his voices to all three films' Chinese version.

Yang Mi said that she did not have much experience with voice acting. Once people said that her voice was very strange, so she thanked the director for bravely using her. She also said that she would communicate with her daughter with this unique voice as well.

Mainland stars Zhou Dongyu and Tong Dawei promoted their new film LOST IN WHITE at the Shanghai Film Festival. One of the leads Tony Leung Ka Fai was absent due to his daughters' graduation ceremonies. Playing Ka Fai's daughter in the film, Zhou Dongyu praised him for his passion for teaching the younger generation and his fatherly love; she also praised him for his effort in his performance. "Brother Ka Fai did all the job except the directors. He very gladly helped other actors with rehearsals." Tong Dawei said that the first day of the shoot took place in 40 degrees below zero Celsius temperature. He even mischievously "did an experiment". "I tried to toss out some water, which was frozen and turned into powder!"

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