Wednesday, June 24, 2015


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Jacky Cheung finally smiles after the ceremony
Shu Kei (left) introduces Jacky Cheung
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The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts presented its Honorary Doctorates and Fellowships yesterday. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau received a honorary fellowship for his achievements in performing arts.

The ceremony took place around 3PM. After the ceremony Hok Yau was asked if he was nervous about receiving his first honorary fellowship. Hok Yau said that he was the first to appear, so he had to remember the order of wearing the hat and where to go. Speaking of his family not being there, he joked, "They are waiting for when I receive the doctorate!" Hok Yau said that he did not know if he had the chance, this time he did not invite them. He only notified them. His daughter did not understand what happened, his wife congratulated him. Last night his family will celebrate with a dinner.

Will he make more movies in the future? Hok Yau said that he did not know if the honorary fellowship will help. Now he is already in production, later he will make another one. Next year he will also have concert plans. How did this award differ from his previous ones? Hok Yau said that this time he did not have to perform and he was not too nervous. He only sat there, but it was a good experience nonetheless. How did it feel to wear the fellows robe? He joked, "I can say I wore one, I never thought that I would since I was so bad at school." He also said that at his age he should be a doctorate. Would he look forward to seeing his daughter in graduation robe? Hok Yau said of course, he definitely will be there. Would he be moved to tears? He said that being moved would come from within and depend on the situation. He said that it will be soon, as he believed that he would see that in a few years.

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