Tuesday, June 23, 2015


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and his wife Cissy Wang last night attended "The One International Humanitarian Award 2015". Chi Tan lately has been busy with the film IP MAN 3, earlier Max Zhang Jin accidentally injured him and left a scar on the bridge of his nose. He said that he was almost completely recovered and did not know if he would be scarred yet. He even joked, "No big deal, it's better for a man to have more battle scars."

Earlier on Father's Day, Chi Tan was hurt again as his left eye lid was bruised. That day he fought against 40 stunt people with a pair of sticks. In the chaos an axe flew right at his head, luckily he was only lightly injured. Chi Tan joked that he asked who threw the axe but no one dared to answer. He believed that it slipped out of someone's hand and in the end he did not pursue the matter further.

Chi Tan said that the axe was fake and had no blade, but the handle was solid wood. He did not tell his injury to his children. His most severe injury was when he was injured internally. He had to be hospitalized and needed stitches. He said, "The muscle and bone injuries would last a lifetime, every night when I go to bed they hurt. Yet the bloody and bone showing injuries would heal faster." Was Cissy worried? She said, "I was worried but I didn't cry. Sorry Hubby, I thought the shoot was almost done. I didn't expect him to injury his eye again. I was worried about something happening to him." Cissy said that she would not observe the shoot, while Chi Tan said that he was fine.

Did the film company get a seven or eight figure insurance policy for him? Chi Tan said, "The company is very safe, everyone actor has an insurance policy. I don't know how much coverage it is. Actually it isn't too serious, I haven't filed a claim yet and don't want to think about it. It's unlucky." Cissy said that her husband said that fighting against 40 people was still better than opposing her, because the wife is very hard to deal with.

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