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Choi Si-Won
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Shawn Dou and Eddie Peng participate in an underground race
Choi Si-Won, Ouyang Nana, Carlos Chan Ka Lok
Wang Luodan, Eddie Peng
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Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Shawn Dou Xiao in the new Emperor film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) played close friends. They originally were teammates and rivals. Later Eddie left the team and became a famous sprinter, but when he saw Dou Xiao in the pit of his life Eddie decided to lend a helping hand. He agreed to participate in an illegal underground race as they both headed to Busan, Korea for the Madison race.

Eddie and Dou Xiao's Korean race had underground cycling race rules. Two people form a team and wear the same number. They need to complete the baton pass by either holding hands or contact in the designated blue zone to challenge the 50 kilometer and 200 lap race. Not only abilities but also friendship are tested. Eddie said that being able to express a deep relationship with Dou Xiao was this film's biggest message.

Eddie even said that in this race he did not need to climb hills. It was a more comfortable and relaxing scene. No wonder he and Dou Xiao kept messing around on the set. Yet when director Dante Lam Chiu Yin gave them a serious stare, they would immediately become obedient little rabbits. Lam Chiu Yin said that he hoped to be able to work together on another sport film. He planned to make a diving film and joked that he did not know if Eddie who was all scarred up from the new film would dare to accept another challenge.

In addition, director Lam Chiu Yin earlier with Peng Yu-Yan, Dou Xiao, Choi Si-Won, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Wang Luodan and Ouyang Nana appeared in Beijing to promote the new film. Si-Won who has worked on many Chinese films even demonstrated his fluent Putonghua.

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