Saturday, June 27, 2015


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Andy Hui performs 
Jay Fung does not smoke or drink.  He also exercises all the time
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Andy Hui Chi On, Jay Fung Won Him, Dik Yi Det and the band ZolarWind attended an anti drug event yesterday. On Jai and event theme song singer song writer Jay performed. On Jai revealed that earlier he, Nicky Wu (Ng Kei Lung) and Mainland actress Zanilia Zhao Liying recorded a television series theme song. He even pigged out at a Hong Kong style street stall there. "I let loose for a few days. Later I will work with (Janice) Man Wing Shan) on a suspense film. I will try to stay in shape."

Speaking of how many years has it been since his last lead role, On Jai said, "It's been so long I can't even remember, but I really like acting. I have nothing to lose." On Jai said that after his concerts, his abdominal muscles have already left him behind. Thus he really wanted to get back into shape. He even joked that he had to tempt the director, "He didn't ask me to strip, but I have no reason to ask for it myself. Maybe I can take a risk and take off my clothes. I can only get into shape first." Will he have any bed scene with JM? On Jai said that if the story required it he could accept it. Will On Jai take the chance to get a tan and show off his muscles in the summer? He said that he rarely went to the beach. If he got six pack abdominal muscles he would consider sunbathing in Repulse Bay.

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