Saturday, June 6, 2015


Alice Lau, Gary Tam and Elisa Chan
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Once co-starred in the musical I HAVE A DATE WITH SPRING, Alice Lau Nga Lai and Elisa Chan Kit Ling two nights ago appeared at a taping of SUNDAY SONGBIRD in Television City.

Michelle Yim (Mai Suet) would adapt the musical JUBILEE (NGOR WOR CHUNG TIN YEUK WUI ji LAI FA WONG GUNG) into a film. Lau Nga Lai admitted that she noticed the news. Has she been invited to join the cast? She said that she has not, as she heard that this time would be a younger version. Although back then she also performed from the character's youth to her 40s, at her age she could no longer play 18 or 22 year old character. She instead was interested in singing the theme song. She also joked, "I can still play the old part." Chan Kit Ling was surprised to hear about the film because she did not hear about it before. She kept congratulating Mai Suet because passing the torch was a good thing. As for Lau Nga Lai's interest in the theme song, she joked that she could sing a secondary song for the film.

Lau Nga Lai revealed that she and Chan Kit Ling worked together on over 200 shows and praised her for her great performance. She also learned a lot from her and she was both like a friend and a mentor.

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