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Gregory Wong admits to enjoy Sora Aoi's work
Ashina Kwok brings her dog to the set
Susan Shaw
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Gregory Wong looks stiff and nervous around Sora Aoi
Sora Aoi
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Artists Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Sora Aoi, Ashina Kwok Yik Yui, Koyi Mak Chi Yi, Fish Liew (Liu Chi Yu) and others two nights ago worked on location in Tai Po for their film LAZY HAZY CRAZY (TUNG BAN TUNG HOK). When Wong Chung Hiu ran into Sora Aoi he appeared to be a bit off guard. During their photo opportunity he appeared stiff and "sweaty". Later he admitted that he has seen her adult video work. He said, "If I told you I haven't you wouldn't believe it anyway. She is many people's goddess. Her work is very outstanding and very pure. (Have you been into adult videos?) Yes. (Do you see Sora Aoi everyday?) No, if you see your girlfriend everyday you would be bored too. I have met Yui Hatano." Did he feel any regret that he would not have any love scene with Sora Aoi? He said, "I am sweating bullets just from seeing her, I feel like I am no match for her. Her co-stars (adult video actors) are amazing. Any comparison is impossible. They have so many tricks that I don't know. (Didn't you pick up anything after watching?) When I was little I would have that adventure spirit, I am more conservative now that I am older." Speaking of his love scene with a naked Kwok Yik Yui, he said that he would not be embarrassed and he could be completely naked too.

Sora Aoi was asked if she would have any sexy performance this time. She said, "I don't understand what sexy refers to, but I would achieve unique and personal sexiness. In the film I would only guest star one day. I would have a cosplay costume. I hope to be able to do what is unique for me and help other actors get into character." When asked if she was determined to develop her film career in the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, her translator said that her manager said not to answer any related question. During the shoot, "Aoi fans" brought her work to for autographs.

In addition, Kwok Yik Yui would be completely naked in a love scene with Wong Chung Hiu. She said, "Earlier I shot an all nude scene in which (Susan) Shaw Yam Yam hit me with a hanger. The film arranged for the set to be cleared, but I feel it's not a big deal. (How do you feel?) Earlier I worked on a crying scene with Wong Chung Hiu and I couldn't stop." She revealed that since she made the decision to perform in the buff she would not regret it. Her family also supported her.

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