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Karena Lam is familiar with the story and is not embarrassed to work on intimate scenes in front of her director husband Steven Yuen
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Anthony Wong plays a lawyer
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The film HEAVEN IN THE DARK (UM SIK TIN TONG) yesterday held a production start ceremony at Cyberport. Actors Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Karena Lam Ka Yan, Michelle Wai Si Nga, Catherine Chau Ka Yi, Wong Hei and boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing attended. This film was the directing debut of Lam Ka Yan's husband Steven Yuen Kim Wai. When Ka Yan posed with her husband, she appeared to be rather shy.

This film was Ka Yan and Hok Yau's reunion 13 years after JULY RHAPSODY (NAM YUN SEI SUP). Hok Yau will play a pastor while Ka Yan will play a secretary. Hok Yau said that when they worked together before, he felt like he was leading a new comer. Yet this time Ka Yan was the one who will lead him. Ka Yan said that working with Hok Yau has been very comfortable. Because everyone was very familiar, she was very at ease when working together.

She said that Hok Yau did a lot of homework, so when she was not in a scene she would still watch Hok Yau's performance. Was she there to keep an eye on her husband? She denied that. As a secretary this time will she have to seduce Hok Yau? She jokingly asked, "I am so conservative how do I seduce him?"

Hok Yau said that in the film he and Ka Yan originally had a chance to develop but in the end they broke up. Was it because Ka Yan's husband did not want them to have any intimate scene? Hok Yau joked, "I am a little suspicious my self. The director is a part of the writing team, the kiss scene is only a peck." Would they be embarrassed from their intimate scene? Hok Yau said that they would be acting so no. Ka Yan also said that she would not be embarrassed. She also said that after reading the script she felt it was very suitable for Hok Yau. Earlier when they worked together on a music video she already asked him to take the role. In the end because Hok Yau was familiar with her husband he agreed to make the film. Speaking of working with her husband, Ka Yan said that she was not afraid of any argument. Hok Yau joked that sometimes he would hear them call each other Papa and Mama, which made him call the director Papa as well.

Playing Hok Yau's defense attorney in the film, Anthony Wong Chau Sun jokingly yelled at Hok Yau for being "dirty", but this time he will only guest star for two days. Speaking of his numerous film cameos lately, Chau Sun joked, "I used to be an engineer, now I am freelance construction labor. I am older, I go wherever there is work!" With a crush on Hok Yau in the film, Wai Si Nga said that in order to get into character she kept calling Hok Yau "Pastor To" on the set. "Sometimes when I am not there, the crew said that they seemed to still hear me yell 'Pastor To'!"

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