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Li Bingbing
Sammo Hung and Zhang Jingchu
Jackie Chan hopes to do something for the martial art action film industry
Ching Siu Tung and Li Yifeng
Frankie Chan and Chin Kar Lok commends Jackie Chan's contribution to the film industry
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Zhang Jingchu
Wu Jing wins four awards
Jackie Chan feels the film industry lacks action actors
Li Bingbing
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Jackie Chan started the 1st Jackie Chan Film Week Awards to honor action filmmakers. The event took place last night in Shanghai. Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Zhang Guoli, Li Bingbing, Zhang Jingchu, Chin Kar Lok, Ankie Beilke, Yao Xingtong and Wu Jing attended. Zhang Jingchu said, "This award ceremony that Jackie Chan organized is very meaningful. It gives hard working action filmmakers recognition. I once worked with Jackie Chan and hope to have the chance again. (Do you want to be an action actress?) I like action films."

The costume series SWORDS OF LEGENDS' Mainland star Li Yifeng revealed that Jackie Chan constantly helped the younger generation. "Jackie Chan once wrote a letter of recommendation for me. I am very appreciative of him and hope to work with him. I would like for him to teach him how to make an action film."

Jackie Chan said, "I want to do something to recognize action filmmakers, I hope after I organized this time, someone will take over." Hung Kam Bo said, "No way, tell Jackie Chan to do it himself!" Jackie Chan said, "I would move him with my sincerity!"

The event presented Best Action Film, Best Action Film director, actor, actress, new performer, action director, best special effect, fight sequence and lifetime achievement award. The Best New Action Actor winner Wang Baoqiang said, "Being an action actor is very hard. Recognition and encouragement are necessary. I will keep going, with blood, sweat but no tear!" Speaking of his friend Deng Chao's affair rumor, Wang Baoqiang said, "It absolutely is a rumor." The Wu Jing directed and starred WOLF WARRIOR won four awards including Best Action Film, Actor, Special Effect, Fight Sequence Design.

Jackie Chan said, "This year some applied for nominations but their films did not arrive in time to the jury. Thai action actor Tony Jaa didn't apply, otherwise he would be competition for Wu Jing! I hope the award show will go on and take place overseas in the future. Because of the action actor shortage, we have to find people. The new generation like (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung and (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yan has potential, but they have to run into good investors, action directors and directors to show it. (Doesn't Li Bingbing fight well?) She doesn't count as a real action actress. She is just an actress who fights. I told her not to be an action actress, it's very sad to be have broken arms and legs like Yeung Chi King (Michelle Yeoh) did."

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