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Action actors love to take risk so Wu Jing has not thought about retiring
Wu Jing says working with Tony Jaa was a joy because they did not have to hold back
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Wu Jing in the film SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG II) put his top action actor abilities on display as he fought with two action superstars Tony Jaa and Max Zhang Jin. Working with Tony Jaa for the first time, Wu Jing praised him for his skills that made the shoot even more fun. "It's the first time I run into a co-star I don't have to accommodate, I can let go and fight. He is very excited too, so we can't stop fighting at all! (Are you afraid of hurting him?) No, I can control it. (Who is the best fighter?) The best fighter is the director!" Because the director Soi Cheang Po Shui added insult to the already injured Wu Jing. "The most heartbreaking is running into such a cruel director! (Because you have to take 500 kicks?) In just one scene! Adding them all together I created the record for the most beating a Chinese action actor has taken!"

Which scene was the hardest? Wu Jing immediately thought of the prison riot. "I was injured, it had to be shot in one take, had two days to rehearse and one day to shoot. The chair weighed several dozen kg, if it fell on my face I would have been really done for! (You aren't watching yourself!) If I do the audience can just watch the double!" He also said that he was hurt from some of the scenes being cut out, including the water torture scene. "It was a life experience, how often would you get to suffer like that? I really almost died, it's too painful. After several takes I already collapsed, I didn't want another take. It was a shame that it was cut!"

Speaking of saying that he would not make another action film a year ago, Wu Jing said that it was only a "beautiful misunderstanding". "At the time my son was just born. When I saw him being worked on in the ICU, I really hoped that it was the last time I gambled with my life because I had a wife and son. (Do you want to rest?) For half a year, I would raise my son, keep my wife company and write scripts." Although fight scenes had high risks, he still would insist on being an action actor. "Would you see me in a romance? Would you buy tickets? I haven't gone all out yet, I am still young!"

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