Sunday, June 21, 2015


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The Simon Yam Tat Wa, Wu Jing and Tony Jaa starred new film SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG II) accumulated over HK$ 5 million at the Hong Kong box office and after 4 days in release it broke the 300 million RMB mark in 4 days. Producer Paco Wong had quite a connection with the film series and always wanted to make a third film. Now with the good news he stepped up his pace of preparation. The team even planned a celebration in Hong Kong on the 26th.

Director Soi Cheang Po Shui revealed that during the SPL 2 production process "Wu Jing got married in a wheel chair due to injury" and "Max Zhang Jin fought until he needed blood letting". The performance did not come easily at all and he was appreciative. Zhang Jin said that all the blood and sweat the he contributed was already worth the ticket price. Yet due to work this year he would not be able to celebrate Father's Day with his daughters, which was inevitably regrettable somewhat.

Currently in Shanghai Yam Tat Wa had to work on another film and will not be able to return to Hong Kong for the celebration. However he was very supportive of the third film. He even came up with a character to challenge Wu Jing and Tony Jaa. "I feel in the third film I will have to play a retired cop and keep fighting, I will talk with Cheang Po Shui. He has always been very open to my suggestions, like this time I came up with the meat grinder scene and he thought it was OK. (When will the production start?) With so much to prepare, two years from now at the soonest."

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