Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Shaun Tam, his wife and his daughter's first family photo
Shaun Tam's mother Tao Man Ming and father Ti Lung are of course happy about becoming grandparents
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Artist Shaun Tam Chun Yin yesterday became a father! Married on January 2, yesterday his wife gave birth to a six pound six ounce baby girl named Tam Ching. Tam Chun Yin could not hide his excitement and said that two nights ago he was so nervous that he could not sleep. "It's been done many times on film, but it was my first time in the delivery room. It's really very different."

While the entire family waited for the arrival of the baby with enthusiasm, grandfather Ti Lung in order to "look good" was late. Tam Chun Yin said, "He said that he had to wash his hair before meeting his granddaughter. Finally the baby arrived, pictures were taken and he still hasn't arrived yet. Later the baby had to wait for him to come before going back in!" He said that his father has "longed for a grandchild for a long time". "Papa told me that he wants to get himself in shape, because in the future he wants to go on vacation with his granddaughter!" Tam Chun Yin after keeping his wife company on her maternity leave would return to the Mainland to keep more milk money.

"Grandpa" Ti Lung and "Grandma" Tao Man Ming were very excited. Ti Lung was reminded of his son's birth, which seemed like was only yesterday. Ti Lung said about his granddaughter, "She is very pretty, now I am after a carefree life. I enjoy taking care of my grand child. With Tam Ching, I of course want a 'Tam Long', everyday would be sunny like their names! I can dress my granddaughter pretty like braiding her hair!" However his wife Tao Man Ming complained about Ti Lung's tardiness. She said, "Everyone was there already and he still hasn't arrived yet. The nurse said that the baby was getting cold and had to go back in!" Ti Lung joked that he had to "comb his hair to meet the granddaughter". Tao Man Ming also said that she has already received many friends' congratulations, including her friend Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha)'s text message. Ching Ha yesterday even met the baby over video conferencing.

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