Monday, June 1, 2015


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Lee Tao Hung and Michelle Yim
Currently in the U.S., Clifton Ko sends a video
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Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Lee Tao Hung and others attended the film I HAVE A DATE WITH SPRING: JUBILEE (NGOR WOR CHUN TIN YEUK WUI ji LAI FA WONG GUNG) Macau press conference. The film plans to have a budget of 50 million RMB and will start production in November. Michelle not only will invest money but also serve as an actor and a producer.

A performer in the play I HAVE A DATE WITH SPRING, Michelle had three companies in Singapore early on. The production company once produced the Chow Yun Fat starred play RUN FOR YOUR WIFE. At the time she took care of everything from planning to production. Lee Tao Hung performed in the television series while Clifton Ko Chi Sum directed the film. Conceivably their collaboration would be the perfect team for the production.

Lee Tao Hung played Pai Long in the ATV series. He admitted, "At the time the television version was very popular in the Mainland. In the past decade, I spent 300 days in the Mainland on commercial appearance and fan meetings. I made enough for several homes, all of which have grown ten times in value." He joked that Mainland viewers would only call him Brother Pai Long. His wife was called Mrs. Pai; he also said that he and Michelle have known each other for 41 years. Although it was their first collaboration, he believed that they would set off new sparks.

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