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Don Li and Jumbo Tsang have many intimate scenes
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Don Li says that Leung Chai Yan and Yang Ziyao's online exchange proves that she pays attention to news about the film
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Jacquelin Chong and Sammy Sum hold hands, but he says that they have been friends too long for anything to happen
Nina Paw and Susan Shaw get along famously.  During the photo opportunity they even yield the spot to the other
Don Li has a car rocking scene in ARE YOU HERE
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Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Sammy Sum Chun Hin, Nina Paw Hee Ching, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Don Li Yat Long, Vivian Chan Wai Man, Monie Tung Man Lei and producer Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) two nights ago attended their film ARE YOU HERE (DIP SIN DIP SIN)'s wrap banquet. Veteran actor Ha Yu returned to Hong Kong to show his support. "Two Great Ghost Queens" Paw Hee Ching and Shaw Yam Yam were very chatty before going on stage. During their photo opportunity they yielded the center spot to the other.

Playing a couple in the film, Chong Si Man and Sammy did not have any intimate scene and ran into a supernatural incident. Chong Si Man even said that he gave her a beating. "No love scene! Sammy is always torturing me, slapping me harder and harder like S and M! Haha! (Do you enjoy it?) Not really. (Are you afraid that Li Yat Long's car rocking scene would steal the spotlight?) Sammy and I have done it before! Next time we may have to try something new, do we have to do it in the wild?" Sammy also said that during the shoot he had to be scared and keep screaming. He once lost his voice and sounded like Ugly Kwan, by chance he also had to promote his song then and he was very worried.

Speaking of Chong Si Man's hand holding photo with a man whose back was turned toward the camera on Instagram, many recognized the man to be Sammy. She said that her fans really thought that they were dating. Two nights ago she explained, "There is a very famous series of photos called Follow Me. Sammy didn't get it so we took those two hand holding photos. After I posted them, I received blessings as well as curses. Many people told me to let him go. I now announce that Sum Chun Hin belongs to the world, you can relax!" Have they truly considered dating? Sammy said that they have know each other for years and were already too close as friends. She felt that Si Man would be better paired with a big and tall guy like The Rock. "Her stature is too strong, I am afraid that she would hold me down. Actually she is tough on the outside and gentle on the inside. I always tell her to be cuter."

Would Chong Si Man consider Sammy? She said, "No, we know each other for too long! It's very hard for me to say no, it's very embarrassing. He's sitting right next to me!" They also played their "friendly hand holding" per request.

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