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Carina Lau and Tony Leung's families 
Friends show their support
Tony Leung and Stephen Chow recall how they apply for the TVB training class on a past program
Derek Yee's I AM SOMEBODY has support from stars
After watching I AM SOMEBODY, Tony Leung dictates his post about his start in the business
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Carina Lau congratulates husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai with a kiss
Wong Kar Wai captures the moment with a mobile phone
Eric Tsang
Ka Ling's mother (second right) and Wai Jai's mother (third right)
Chingmy Yau and Shum Ka Wai
Tony Leung Chiu Wai reportedly wrote about his start in acting after working Derek Yee's new film and mentioned that his mother was upset at "that Chow Sing Chi person" for talking him out of his steady job and into the TVB training class.
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To honor Tony Leung Chiu Wai for his outstanding achievement in the art of cinema, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication presented him with the Order of Arts and Letters Officer's badge. Wai Jai was the first Hong Kong artist to receive this honor. Yesterday Wai Jai personally went to the French consulate in Hong Kong to accept the badge from French Consul General Arnaud Barthelemy. Wai Jai's wife Carina Lau Ka Ling, family and friends attended the ceremony to congratulate him.

Yesterday Ka Ling and her mother, Wai Jai's mother, sister, brother in law and their daughter were present. Friends like Shum Ka Wai and Chingmy Yau Suk Ching, Lui Fong, Alex To Tak Wai and his wife, Cecilia Yip Tung and her husband, Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) and Fan Keung, Mr. and Mrs. Wong Kar Wai and Eric Tsang Chi Wai also attended.

Wai Jai looked sharp in a suit and was all smiles. After accepting the honor he said that he was very honored and he hoped to share it with his wife and family. Ka Ling then congratulated him with a kiss. After the ceremony, he spoke with reporters. He was both happy and honored to receive the badge, but this honor did not belong to him alone. It was also a recognition of the films that he has made earlier. The credit for each film did not belong to one person either. Thus he should share the honor with everyone he has worked with. Ka Ling described him as an asset to Hong Kong and should be properly protected. Wai Jai humbly said that he was only a part of it.

Wai Jai's birthday will be at the end of the month. He did not know how he would celebrate yet. However later he will have to work on FERRYMAN so he would do some preparation for it first. This film will be shot in Nanjing and require Putonghua, so he hoped to learn the dialect from a tutor first. At the same time he also had to wait for Wong Kar Wai's script. How much time has he made for this production? He said that since another director would be making the film this time he was not worried. Wai Jai also said that this year he will make three comedy films, a romantic comedy, an action comedy and a mystery comedy. Did he want to make up for lost time? He said no, but he felt that film production required efficiency. Since he liked all three subjects it was destiny. He pointed out that comedy was not easier than drama. This time they all would be huge challenges.

Earlier he and Ka Ling were reportedly separated and Ka Ling was rumored to have moved in with her friend. Wai jai said, "I have been in this business for several decades, what haven't I seen? Gossips like these are certain in show business."

Ka Ling of course was happy about her husband's honor. Earlier she just won the Hong Kong Drama Award Best Actress. Wai Jai's prize doubled the joy. She said that actually she accepted her award a month ago. Ka Ling said as a fellow Hong Konger and his family member, she felt very proud to have such an outstanding person who has contributed to Chinese and French art.

Did she pick out Wai Jai's clothes? Ka Ling said that he was very talented in this area and she did not need to worry. As they left they just took a look at each other and they were fine. She joked that she was already very elegantly dressed yesterday because it was very important to her. As for her jewelry, she joked that it was no big deal, the award was bigger as it was a lifetime honor. Would she celebrate more later? She said that if Wai Jai had time she would because it was something to be happy about. She also said, "I feel the most important is for this asset of Hong Kong to be properly protected."

Speaking of her rumor, did she feel that it put a damper on the joy? She said, "No, at least the rumor should with someone who makes sense, don't make something up out of the blue." She said that her friendship would not be affected, as both her friend could not stop laughing about it. Ka Ling said that for now her sexual orientation was still the same as before, because she will have no idea what will happen tomorrow.

Yau Suk Ching was asked what gift would she give Wai Jai? She said that she has not thought of it but sh would bring a bottle of wine to celebrate with. She was rumored to be pregnant again, as her husband was rumored to be pressuring her to have a son. She clarified yesterday that she was not pregnant and joked that perhaps everyone wanted to remind her to lose weight.

She also said that her husband has never given her any pressure. Both her parents in law have been great as well and never given her any pressure either. She said that with the advanced technology now, she would not have to wait for luck in order to have a son. However she felt that children were gifts from Heaven. She did not need to choose. She would be very happy with any and she also loved her daughters.

Chi Wai yesterday blacked out from drinking again. He said that he was drunk for two nights. Did he prepare any gift for Wai Jai? He said that Wai Jai should be the one who buys gifts for everyone. At night his friends would celebrate with Wai Jai with a French feast, and he hoped that he would not be drunk again. He instead asked reporters which prize it was and joked that the prop department would properly have many of them. As for Chi Ling referring to Wai Jai as Hong Kong's asset, Chi Wai joked, "Protect this shovel?" Has he prepared for a gift for Wai Jai's upcoming birthday? Chi Wai said that it was too soon but he was happy for him.

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