Thursday, June 18, 2015


Ng Wai Shan and Ronan Pak play a couple
Winnie Leung's fierce attacks catches Samuel Leung off guard
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Artists Winnie Leung Man Yi, Ronan Pak Kin Yan, Ng Wai Shan earlier worked on the Samuel Leung Cheuk Moon starred and directed film KING OF KUNG FU (GONG FU JI WONG) at a gym. Leung Man Yi performed convincingly. With boxing gloves she attacked Leung Cheuk Moon, who had no way to retaliate. She said, "Earlier I had some lessons with a master, I put a lot of effort into the training and was bruised on my arms and legs. However it really is a great sport, I was sweating all over. No wonder so many girls like it now."

Pak Kin Yan revealed that he has practiced Thai kickboxing before, which came in very handy this time; Ng Wai Shan said that boxing to her was somewhat difficult. Earlier when she was training she was injured. As for intimate scenes with Pak Kin Yan, she said that they were not awkward. "Because he gives me the impression of being very reliable, I don't feel that I am being taken advantage of." Luckily the actor and the director Leung Cheuk Moon still praised their performance.

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