Wednesday, June 24, 2015


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Janice Man spends half a year to wash the dye off her hair
Janice Man appreciates help from Louis Koo
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Janice Man Wing Shan earlier guest starred in the film PARIS HOLIDAY (BA LAI GA KEI). This time she made a change and played a tough construction worker and even had to ride a motorcycle through the streets of Paris. Her appearance also had a big breakthrough, not only did she had to dye her hair but also wear drawn on tattoos.

JM said that every time at work she would spend two to three hours on the tattoos. Once when she went home to shower the tattoo dissolved, which made her wrap up her tattoos like a cast before she bathed.

In the film JM had a motorcycle scene, in which she gave Louis Koo Tin Lok a ride on the streets of Paris. They had romantic scenes in the film. She even had to take the initiative and kiss Goo Jai. JM said that they were very professional so the shoot went very smoothly. JM was rumored to be dating a rich kid and that she even went to his home. JM said that they were only friends and were still getting to know each other, but he was a good guy. She also said that he was not a rich kid. He was very hard working and worth learning from. She was also rumored to have clicked with a Mainland actor while working on the series LEGEND OF ZU. JM said that in the series he played her close friend. Once they had tea at the airport, the media caught them and the rumor began.

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