Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Max Zhang fights Donnie Yen with the Wing Chun Eight Catty Blade and thus injures him
Donnie Yen claims his injury is a minor one
Max Zhang rushes to Donnie Yen's aid after his injury
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred film IP MAN 3 had many fight scenes. Over its two months of production it had frequent accidents. After Mike Tyson's earlier finger injury, lead Yen Chi Tan's nose was also injured when Max Zhang Jin's blade struck the bridge of it two days ago. At the time Chi Tan accepted Zhang Jin's challenge and fought with Wing Chun's Eight Catty Blade. Because the blade was very close to the face, a slight mishap injured Chi Tan's nose by accident.

Zhang Jin immediately rushed over to assist with the crew with applying ice to the wound and disinfectant spray. Zhang Jin said, "I am truly very sorry, I feel very guilty, but I really admire Brother Tan. He even faces the injury with a very loud laugh. I really appreciate him, he has the professionalism of an actor." Chi Tan instead comforted Zhang Jin. He felt that he once injured others as well. Injuries were inevitable in fight scenes. He said, "This time was only a minor injury, it didn't bleed much. I don't feel any pain from it. Actually accidents are inevitable in fight scenes. I don't want them, Zhang Jin doesn't either. There is always a price for taming dragons and tigers, which is enough to prove that every actor fights with their lives in order to make the fights their most entertaining." After the injury, Chi Tan rested for a night at the hotel then returned to the shoot the next day to continue the shoot.

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