Tuesday, June 16, 2015


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Jackie Chan pretends to be a cardboard cut out and Fan Bingbing smacks his bottom
Jackie Chan has a "nude" scene
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Jackie Chan has no idea who Fan Bingbing's boyfriend is
Director Renny Harlin, Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan
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Jackie Chan yesterday attended the SKIPTRACE press conference with Fan Bingbing, Zhang Lanxin, Shih Szu and director Renny Harlin. The event showed footage to the press. In the video Bingbing was in a bathrobe as she leaned on Jackie Chan The crowd was amazed. Bingbing then flirted with Jackie Chan as she often patted him on the thigh. The host kept bringing up the "Chen Bing romance", but Jackie Chan was clueless. "Who is Li Chen? (Her boyfriend, an actor.) She has a boyfriend? That's impossible, she would tell me everything......are you talking about Yao Chen? (Her boyfriend is waiting by the door!) My Jackie Chan Stuntman Association also has many people!"

Jackie Chan said, "Finally she has (a boyfriend) too, I couldn't be more embarrassed. I permit her to date. I heard from Bingbing that he is a very humble young man. Since she started dating she has become prettier and talked sweeter." Bingbing promised to introduce Li Chen to Jackie Chan. "Big Brother and I are like family, lately we have been at work. Since he didn't ask me I wouldn't tell him."

Jackie Chan also joked that he has always been worried about "Double Bing's" love lives. "I always say that I have to introduce boyfriends to Li Bingbing and Fan Bingbing, but if I introduce my brothers I would be hurting them instead. (What kind of guy do you feel is suitable for Fan Bingbing?) A little more mature, 5 or 6 years older than her. (Do you feel Li Chen qualify?) Honestly I don't know him, I have no idea." Bingbing declined to respond to rumors of marriage or moving in together. For now work came first, but she would not mind working with Li Chen.

As for the film's English dialogue, Bingbing said, "The production team was great. They arranged for a teach for me. I also gladly accepted the challenge."

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