Monday, June 15, 2015


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Sandra Ng
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu yesterday attended the live action animation film MONSTER HUNT's promotion. The film's director, "Father of SHREK" Raman Hui Sing Ngai also attended.

Kwan Yu said that she could finally let her daughter watch one of her films this time. In it she played a fat and short demon beauty and had many bed scenes and kiss scenes with the tall and thin monster Eric Tsang Chi Wai. However the director would use the computer generated special effects instead of their live action performance. This time Kwan Yu had to act with air and green screen, when she was acting with the monster she actually was staring at a ball and had to rely on her own imagination.

Kwan Yu and Chi Wai had to shoot the film twice. Hui Sing Ngai said that the first time around Ko Chen-Tung was the lead actor, but because he got into trouble Jing Boran took his place. Was Kwan Yu's salary doubled? She said of course not. Director Hui pointed out that Ko Chen-Tung has already completed 80%of the film. Thus the re-shoot exceeded the eight figure budget. The final production cost was 440 million. Would he ask for a refund from Ko Tung-Chen? Director Hui said that Ko Chen-Tung actually did very well, so even if he did it would be meaningless. He only thought it was a shame. The re-cast was done out of worry that Ko Chen-Tung would get into trouble and the film would not be able to be released in the Mainland. In addition special effects took a long time, so he chose to re-shoot.

Kwan Yu said that the two versions were made a year apart. She suggested a director's cut edition because Ko Chen-Tung performed well. Director Hui said that he might add it into the video release so the audience would be able to enjoy it.

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