Sunday, June 14, 2015


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Jackie Chan, Rob Cohen, Jeffery Katzenberg,Wu Jing
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International superstar Jackie Chan, Wu Jing, DreamWorks boss Jeffrey Katzenberg and Hollywood action director Rob Cohen attended the Jackie Chan Action Film Week opening forum. Jackie Chan said that action actors often broke their arms and legs but no one knew about that. Thus he hoped through this event for everyone to understand the silent contribution of the heroes behind the scenes. Jackie Chan said that he would hurt all over everyday when he got out of bed. "Once I drove until my leg hurt. I went to the hospital to ask the doctor to operate. Originally I went there like a hero, but later I came out with my head lowered because I screamed as soon as I saw a needle. I was very scared. Normally when I broke my arm I was fine."

Jackie Chan also praised the U.S. film production was 10 times better than Hong Kong's, turning many stars into action film stars. "Like IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, they all look like they can fight but actually the action scenes were shot separately. I want to be Spider-Man too, but no one wants to see Jackie Chan like that -- really want to be Dustin Hoffman."

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