Thursday, June 4, 2015


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Donnie Yen takes a selfie with fans
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan yesterday attended an event in Beijing and spoke with viewers. Chi Tan said, "Now a quality martial art film productions needs to take risks, that isn't to say that safety should be overlooked. I feel the highest quality art needs to have a risk taking spirit. Even if we are injured, the resulting film would probably be a classic."

Chi Tan is working on the film IP MAN 3. He hoped that this would be the best one. Speaking of the hardest job in life, he said that he gave his all in each and every one of his film. Each time was difficult and was a duty. He hoped to improve in every film. Although he might not be able to do it, every film production experience has been unforgettable for him. Chi Tan also said that he was very lucky that he was able to share some ideas with everyone through film. If done well he could also use film to affect the audience. He said, "I hope in my time on this Earth to make more positive things."

Chi Tan revealed that after finishing the film he will be on summer vacation and spend more time with his children. Then he would prepare for his next film. Speaking of how he relaxes, he pointed out that he often had insomnia and wanted to do too much. He always gave himself stress. Yet when he was with his children he was the most relaxed.

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