Friday, July 1, 2016


Xanadu after drinking suddenly goes into convulsion
Kiwi Yuen, Sasa Wong
Elizabeth Lam, Xanadu, Ele Sun, Sasa Wong
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Xanadu Ng Hiu Hiu recently switched to music and film. Earlier she worked on the horror science fiction film LADY Z (SI SIU JEH Z) with former ATV artist Kiwi Yuen Kit Yi.

In the film Xanadu became "Lady Z". Earlier she shot a ghost baby birth scene while out with three models Sasa Wong, Elizabeth Lam and Ele Sun. Xanadu after drinking suddenly felt dizzy, then was in so much pain that she kept screaming. She even rolled around on the table. The ladies held her down and put a towel in her mouth. Xanadu ignored her wardrobe malfunction while performing. After the shoot when everyone and director Sam Gor watched the playback they all praised her performance.

Xanadu said that the production experience has been pleasant, everyone worked together and resolved many problems. The most memorable was having to scream with all his might in the birth scene with sweat and blood all over. "It was pretty tough! I hope for the result to be realistic and everyone would like it. I haven't had a baby, I never thought that my first time would be an odd birth. It's pretty scary!" Lead actor, director and screen writer Sam Gor said that he was also the action director and special effect make up artist. "The most fun was being the zombie double! This time I was able to in a short raise limited resources for the movie. I am very happy to have the support of Yuen Kit Yi, Kiu Bo Bo, Xanadu. The film wants to reflect certain extreme social problems, with horror, science fiction elements. Hong Kong doesn't have too many films of this type."

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