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Francis Ng and Miriam Yeung promote GIRL OF THE BIG HOUSE
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The film LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH)'s Francis Ng Chun Yu in the film played the head of CIB who specialized in investigating missing undercover cops. He had many scenes with Charmaine Sheh Si Man. In one scene, Chun Yu even half jokingly put many adult video hits in front of Ah Sheh and told her that they could watch them together. Was this scene awkward for them? Chun Yu even joked that the director originally talked about how loose the film's standard and how daring it was. In the end the most daring were only the adult videos in his hands. He and Ah Sheh were only friends. Ah Sheh also said that she would feel awkward, because Chun Yu was a gentleman. This scene was only a joke. Perhaps Chun Yu knew that film production often required waiting, he was just helping her with curing the doldrums. It was an expression of attentiveness.

Speaking of Ah Sheh and Chun Yu's gun fight scene, Ah Sheh said that Chun Yu was very, very attentive. In the film Ah Sheh had to put together a gun in a very short time. Chun Yu before the shoot instructed Ah Sheh. Since Chun Yu had more experience with guns, he taught Ah Sheh the secret of putting a gun together and let Ah Sheh know how to carefully but quickly put it together and how to avoid the possibility of injuring her hand while putting it together. Even the director did not have time to teach Ah Sheh that. Thus Ah Sheh was very appreciative to Chun Yu. Ah Sheh of course ignored all the dirty jokes that he told her.

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