Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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Andy Lau jokes that he feels like he is in Hung Hom
Andy Lau celebrates the production wrap
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Andy Lau Tak Wa has had a lot of good news lately. After winning the Huabiao Best Actor Award in the Mainland, he recently received his third Special Administrative Region government honor with the Bronze Bauhinia badge. Earlier the new film that he produced and starred in, SHOCK WAVE (CHAK DAN JUEN GA), also successfully wrapped up production. Wa Jai even introduced this Cross Harbor Tunnel that was constructed for the production as it was officially unveiled! Wa Jai praised how highly realistic this "Cross Harbor Tunnel" was and joked that he was in Hung Hom during the shoot!

For the new film, the team constructed a "one and only" Cross Harbor Tunnel, the first replica of its kinds in Hong Kong film history. After over two months of production, earlier the entire team finally completed this historical mission as the film officially wrapped up production! That night for Wa Jai's "solo scene" rain poured often during the shoot. After completing the shoot when Wa Jai, director Herman Yau Lai To and producer Koo prepared to pop bottles of champagne to celebrate at the "tunnel" entrance, rain immediately stopped. Even though it was already early in the morning, after many hours of production the team did not appear to be tired at all. Instead laughter lingered. The team after drinking champagne and taking group photos took the chance to "collect stamps" with Wa Jai. However because many asked, Wa Jai was unable to pose with each of them individually. Wa Jai immediately said that he would see the team again. "We still have the appreciation banquet, the celebration banquet, when the film passes 1 billion at the box office we will be able to have dinner again to celebrate."

Wa Jai stood in front of this highly realistic "tunnel" and joked, "I thought I was really in Hung Hom!" Later he also introduced the "tunnel". "This is the Cross Harbor Tunnel, even if the government wants to take back this tunnel it still belongs to us. This is the tunnel that we built, here is the tunnel entrance and over there is the Causeway Bay to Tsim Sha Tsui exit." Wa Jai stated that this project was rather enormous and thanked the art department colleagues for creating the highly realistic "tunnel". "At first we thought about shooting on location. Because at night one tube would be closed we hoped to be able to shoot from the other side. Although in the end we had to spend so much money to build it, I am very impressed with the workers who built this tunnel. I hope everyone will be able to see our effort."

Speaking of this tunnel that took almost two months to build would be removed, Wa Jai said that he would miss it. "If something doesn't go, other things would not come. Perhaps next time we would build something else. From Central last time to the Tunnel this time, I hope Hong Kong film will be more and more international and reaching our self sufficient ideals. I wish that in the future Hong Kong film will be even more solid." Wa Jai admitted that each scene that was shot in the tunnel was rather memorable, not only the new actors' effort could be seen but also many extras were not afraid of danger and coordinated with many explosion scenes. In the end he said, "Director Yau Lai To and I have known each other for many years, finally I have made with him a movie that I am pleased with and can answer to myself for."

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