Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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Lee Min-Ho plays the Pipa convincingly
Fans tells Karena Ng to "order chicken"
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The Pegasus Motion Pictures released, Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, Korean director Terra Shin directed, Lee Min-Ho, Wallace Chung Han Leung, Tiffany Tang Yan, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Louis Fan Siu Wong and Jeremy Jones (Tsui Chi Hei) starred summer action comedy BOUNTY HUNTERS opened in the Mainland and broke 100 million yuan in three days despite competition from Hollywood and animated films. In four days it made over 140 million RMB and became the highest grossing Chinese Korean co-production release in China.

The six actors already divided up the troops last month to promote nationwide. As Korean representatives director Terra Shin and Lee Min-Ho went to ten cities from Sichuan in the north to Guangzhou in the south. Lee Min-Ho not only learned to speak the Sichuan dialect but also played the Pipa with Suzhou fans. After the box office passed 100 million, Lee Min-Ho even posted a victory sign on Weibo and production photos with Chung Han Leung to celebrate.

Ng Chin Yu and Tsui Ching Hei after going to Shanghai and divided up to promote in Changsha, Chengdu and Qingyuan. Chin Yu even due to a flight delay was almost half a hour late to the Qingyuan cinema. Fans insisted on waiting. She said, "I was very touched! Originally I was scheduled to appear after the show at 8PM, but when I got there it was almost 9:30PM. They didn't leave and just kept waiting, and asked me if I eat. They told me to order chicken, saying that they were the most famous for their free range chicken."

As the producer, Wong Pak Ming thanked the actors for their contributions. "Everyone have given 100% effort. Lee Min-Ho has never made a fight scene but on the set he fought over ten people by himself. Chung Han Leung for the film became even more interested and fun, he contributed a lot of funny ideas. Tang Yan also went from not knowing how to fight to practicing hard to become very capable of fighting." Wong Pak Ming at the same time revealed that the film will open in Hong Kong on the 28th. Lee Min-Ho, Chung Han Leung, Tang Yan and others will coordinate to promote in Hong Kong.

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