Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Gaile Lok takes awhile with her threat scene, and Stephy Tang starts to look frustrated

Finally all three are together for the shoot
Off screen Chrissie Chau and Stephy Tang get crazy
Gaile Lok checks her phone
courtesy of on.cc

The 35 year old "former Mrs. Leon Lai Ming" Gaile Lok has been away from the big screen for 12 years. Recently she made a comeback with her new film HUSBAND KILLERS (NUI JI FOOK SAU) with Stephy Tang Lai Yun and Chrissie Chau Sau Na. Playing the female Special Duties Unit member, Gaile had a lot of action scenes. Earlier the trio worked on the film at Central.

Around 10PM, Gaile and Stephy arrived on the set to prepare. Gaile in the scene threatened an actor with the sharp knife. Gaile often had bad takes, while Tang Lai Yun looked on helplessly as she waited and often frowned. She even leaned against a pillar and rested her eyes. After Gaile's shoot she rushed to chat with the team but had little exchange with Stephy and Chau Sau Na.

Stephy and Chau Sau Na appeared to get along much better. When they were not in a scene, they sat together and chatted. They even took out their phones for selfies. Later the director shot a scene in which Gaile, Stephy and Chau Sau Na walked together in line and the trio finally got together.

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